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A virtual number is a telephone number that acts not immediately refer to a telephone line. It is powered by a local telephone company in a strong format. The foremost is the power to control where calls are charged. Virtual numbers usually do with the power to configure multiple extensions, plus an auto responder system that can conduct calls. Some virtual phone numbers allow the information recorded greetings to customers or potential can obtain data before being tied to someone or give a message.

The Virtual Phone Number Service has a call forwarding feature that allows all calls to be forwarded to another phone number of the users' wishes. And then call ahead for the IVR and Virtual Mobile Number Service can be sent to a mobile phone, home telephone, VoIP telephone, even international numbers - literally, if the user so desires. If a client opts to leave a message, it can be posted as an audio file to an e-mail. This allows mobile professionals the power to access voice messages directly to secure that important claims are delivered on time. This likewise means that companies have a busy signal transmitted reaches the call a phone number is already in employment, such as the 1-800 number is always available to supply information and engage messages.

Features We Offer

Below are the features we provide in Domain Hosting Services which vary from package to package

Online Web Panel
Professional Greeting
Your Own Phone Number(Optional)
Feedback by user
Hosted IVR Service
Local Numbers for your area
Missed Call reporting
Live Report
Custom Voice
SMS Alerts on Calls
Unlimited Channel
Blacklist / Whitelist Callers
No Hidden Charge
Free Calls
Activation Time

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