Are you familiar to the Google analytics? Do you know how it works? If you don’t know and if you are not familiar to it now it’s time to learn about Google analytics. The Google analytics is a free medium of web analytics service which is offered in Google. It gives reports about website traffic. So that we can have an idea about the needs and demands of our customer. An analysis is the critical starting point of strategic thinking. With the help of it, we can have an idea about our website that how and by what medium our website is in being practices by the users. Google analytics is a medium to reach in each and every customer’s heart. Are you curious about it? Of course, you have to be. Because Google Analytics is a prime seo tool and it is being used by most businesses. It helps you to measure the results of individual campaigns in real-time, compare the data to previous periods, and so much more. Google analytics provides you with an effective way to communicate with customers. Google analytics data on its own can tell you a website performance. This information can be very much useful so that we can supervise the success of our strategies of the online marketing process, the experience of user and content through google analytics. “Why google analytics is important for business?”.

Benefits of Google Analytics

Now after reading google analytics, what are its benefits in our daily life. In each and every step we are doing work for our benefits and for the happiness of our work. Similarly, like other work, google analytics also have its some benefits. As we all know, the best way to do business based on a good relationship with a customer should have appropriate vision strategic thinking, and we have to be at least 90% sure that we are not throwing our cash away. And if you are in doubt yet then google analytics will make this possible in a variety of ways, and mostly with its four Advanced Reporting areas that your website is working well. We should give thanks to it, it helps you to know who your audience is, and how did those audiences get to your website, what they did on your website.

Why google analytics is important for business?

Now before starting the importance of google analytics in business, we have to know actually what the business mean? Business is an organization where goods and services are exchanged within one another or for money. If we are fulfilling the need and demands of our customers, our business will run in a smooth way. Likewise, google analytics analysis the customer’s heart and mind and we can have an idea through it. It allows you to collect and analyses information about everything from how the user arrived at your website, what they did on your website, as well as google analytics offered lots of additional information about the user themselves. Through google analytics, we can make our company more effective and more successful in the coming days.

Business Benefits:

Google analytics is the golden gate to enter in business benefits. Does it give all the information about a customer who is visiting our website, how your website is running? How the user is reaching to your website, what they are doing in your sites, are the user satisfied through your sites, did they get the information which they are in search for? In which page the user is staying for a long time? Which age group of the customer is visiting your website? People from which country are surfing your website to the most and so many more information. So that we can have an actual idea of the customer and we can achieve the goal of business.


Until and unless you know the needs and demands of the market, our investment might be in the wrong place. So google analytics is a diamond to know the recent market so that we can increase our own value. It provides you a right path to invest, by knowing what works and what not we can make a high value and increasing level of business side by side our investment will be in the right way and we will have a high profit.

Improvement of your website:

By knowing how visitors are getting your website and which page is mostly visited by the users, by this, we can make our website page more creative and we can compel them to visit our page through attractive way and we can easily understand what type of content that user usually want and we can add furthermore similarly.

Importance of google analytics(SEO Expert) in Dubai

After reading this all your soul might have the question that what is the importance of google analytics (SEO Expert) in Dubai? Absolutely if I was in your place and if somebody else was writing this blog, then I will sure ask this. As we all know that In Dubai also there are many companies who are developing a website for various businesses and it is very essential to know how their website is running, are they investing their cash in the right path? Is this fruitful to them? This all can be known by the google analytics by analyzing the data. You might have heard one popular saying “there is no free lunch“ but in terms of google analytics, it is not true. Google is such a diverse site that it doesn’t charge so that we can utilize that fund in any effective media. So that we can run our business in an effective way. In Dubai, many companies are using google analytics to track their potential customers. Companies like Edu Partner, Pentacare Water solution, Arrivo, A2z Webinfotech Dubai, etc are using google analytics in Dubai. Any type of business can use google analytics to know their customer’s website surfing behavior. Now after reading this you might get much information about google analytics. So why not use this on your website. Now it’s time to analysis your website with google analytics.