Web development, unlike Web design, refers to the major non-design aspect of creating a new website. The major parts of web development are writing markups and coding. The prospect of web development can vary on multiple scales, from a single static page of plain text, to complete full-functional internet applications and everything in between.

In the context of web development in Dubai, the prospect is a growing field as more and more people are being aware of the benefits of digitization and the advantages of a website for a company. As a result, more and more companies and firms are hiring Web Development Company in Dubai to develop their own website. These web development companies are hired by business firms and other companies that are in need of a website. They state their requirements to the web development company, who then send their clients a price quotation and a sample wireframe. After being approved, they continue on to the website development.

Web Design vs. Web Development!! Are There Any Differences?

There is a drastic difference between web design and web development. Many people think that web design and web development are similar, but to their dismay, it is not true. In fact, entirely different frameworks can be used for web design and web development. The web design deals with the UI (User Interface) part of the website. It deals with what we view and use on a website, i.e. the front part. Web development, however, is the backbone of any website. Whatever makes the front part function properly, i.e. all the links, plug-ins, and other functions are developed in the back-end, which is web development. These two fields require a very different skill set and thus are mostly handled by two individuals. In most of the Website Designing services Dubai, a senior designer handles the front-end, whereas a senior developer handles the back-end.

Importance of a Website for Any Business Enterprises

In today’s modern world where the Internet is everywhere and everyone is using it, owning a website for your business or your company will bring great benefits for the company; both in terms of goodwill and monetary gain. From a consumer’s point of view, having a website will make it a lot easier to know about the products or the services that a company provides. This will further benefit the company to target a larger area of customers, via the website. The online platform will help you to showcase your products, or services, and also help promote them. The Internet is everywhere, so if you own a website, it can be accessed by anyone from anywhere at any point in time. This will definitely benefit the company owning a website. There are a lot of benefits to owning a website. This face is being acknowledged and many corporations are being aware of the benefits of a website. As a result, the field of web development in Dubai is expanding exponentially.

Technologies Used in Web Development in Dubai

There are different methods of how companies perform web development in Dubai. There are different tools, techniques, and frameworks that take in a web development process. For instance, multiple programming languages like PHP, Python, Java, .Net are used majorly by different developers. And based on those programming languages, there are multiple frameworks that can be used for web development in the back end. Among them, Laravel, Django, CakePHP, and Flask are widely used and are considered by many to be the best. These frameworks have their distinct function methods and are widely used for their vast functions and ease of access.

Different companies use different programming languages and different frameworks in the process of web development in Dubai. All the frameworks perform the same task, but with a different approach. For example, websites like Instagram, Google use Python, whereas websites like Facebook, Wikipedia use PHP. However, all of this depends on what type of website you want. The web development company assesses your requirements and decides on a suitable framework to complete the task.

Things to Consider Before Ordering a Website from a Web Development Company

There is a lot of things that you should take into consideration before you go ahead and order a website for your company from a web development company. These considerations go on to make or break a website. The first thing to keep in consideration is the domain name. The domain name is the address of your website. For example, google.com is the domain name for Google. The domain name should be predetermined and should be short, and unique. Make sure the name is spelled correctly as well.

Another thing is the website layout and design. As you know, the first impression is the last impression. So, the home page of the website should be attractive, and soothing. The web design company will send different wireframes for the website. It is up to the client to decide the layout and color designs of the website. So, make sure to design the website in a soothing as well as an attractive manner. Another important factor is to make the website user-friendly. Go for a website that is easy to access and easy to use as well. Don’t include complicated links, tacky A2z Webinfotech s which makes using the website difficult and annoying. Besides that, there are many other things that should be kept under consideration. The main things are listed below:

  • Keep layout simple and clean
  • Select a good and easy domain name
  • Visual-friendly colors
  • Make the user interface as friendly as possible
  • The frameworks used to develop the website
  • All in all, just ordering a company to develop a website is not enough. There should be a lot of considerations that should be made even before the actual development phase starts.

These things are

Web Development Company in Dubai: The Development Cost and the Authenticity of the Website

A decade ago, there were very few companies that provided the service of web development in Dubai. Since not many people were internet-conscious, the market was feeble. Jump to a decade later, the digital era swept through our country, and the web development prospect boomed. Now, the service is very sought out by both clients and potential employees. Many companies are handout projects to IT companies to develop their websites for a reasonable price. As a matter of fact, the average web development cost in Dubai is a lot less than in other countries abroad. This has resulted in a lot of foreign clients out-sourcing this task to IT companies in Dubai.

Normal website development will cost you a lot less here in Dubai, than abroad. The price range if a website cannot be specified just as it is. There should be a lot of things that should be kept in consideration. For example, the very nature of the website can cause a change in the price factor. Other things like the frameworks used, manpower skills needed, etc. play a vital role in determining the price of developing a website.

Talking about the quality of the website that Web Development Company in Dubai delivers, there are no compromises that should be made. The quality is so authentic and genuine, that it can be compared with websites from the international level as well. This is also one of the reasons why many foreign companies hand out their projects to web design companies here in Dubai. The product’s quality is impeccable and the cost is comparatively cheap. Hence, one can get an international-level website from the developers here in Dubai at a reasonable price. This is why the prospect of web development in Dubai is increasing exponentially.

Web Development Company in Dubai

We live in the digital era, where the internet is everywhere, and websites can be accessed from anywhere at any point in time. This has led to companies wanting their own websites and thus, the establishment of multiple IT firms. In the context of Dubai as well, there are estimated to be over 500 web design companies in Dubai. These private companies hire competent individuals required to complete website development. Many human resources like web developers, system analysts, quality assurance (QA), etc. are required for the web development process. These competent individuals work in unison to meet the requirement of the client for their website.

The clients approach the web development company with their needs. They state what kind of website they want and how it should operate. All the requirements are taken into consideration, and a tentative price quotation is procured. After the price is approved, the web development company moves on to the development phase of the website. After the development is completed, the clients are contacted for review and suggestions. Upon the client’s suggestions, necessary tweaks are made, and the final website is handed over to the clients. This is generally how Web Development Company in Dubai functions. However, there are individuals who do freelancing web development as well. They function differently from that of a legitimate website development company. All in all, the past few decades have seen drastic growth in the advent of web development in Dubai, and it is now considered a good profession and is also pursued by many young students.

A2z Webinfotech: The Best At What They Do

A2z Web Infotech is a leading web development company in Dubai that has been developing and producing great websites since its humble beginning 7 years ago. The company, since its establishment, has been considered as one of the best web development company in Dubai. Apart from web development, the company also provides other IT-related services like web design, e-commerce website design, mobile application development, and web hosting and domain registration.

The company has an impressive with both local and foreign clients. Many big-name companies of Dubai like Salaamnamasterestaurant, Arrivo, and Pnsnack, The company stands out from other IT companies, because not only do they develop amazing websites, they also consider the client’s needs and adjust accordingly. This helps a lot to the clients and increases customer satisfaction. They also consider all the things that should be considered, as the targeted audience for the website, the appropriate framework to use, etc. This eliminates the need for the client to personally involve in the development process, which leads to further customer satisfaction.

The A2z Webinfotech Dubai teams are very competent individuals and are very energetic and enthusiastic. They work as a team and solve every problem with diligence. Smooth flow of communication between them and the clients, careful grievance-handling, critical research is what makes them competent and one of the best at what they do. I personally recommend A2z Webinfotech Dubai for all your website needs, and more. If you have any kind of questions then please feel free to click the button below for free consulting from A2z Webinfotech Dubai.